Steam Cleaning​

We offer steam cleaning services as a way to get rid of a dust mites, smells, dead skin cells, bed bugs, bacteria, greases, food spills and hard water stains. It is widely used to clean kitchen and bathroom units, tiles, floors and mattresses. It is proven that steam cleaning is more hygienic than using harsh chemicals.

Traditional cleaning methods only remove dirt mechanically by water and tension active components, but some dirt can remain in the pores of the surfaces. Disinfectants also act mainly on the surface, so bacteria can survive and be ready to grow again. This is why the use of steam can be a superior cleaning method in certain specific circumstances. 

Our high-quality steam cleaning equipment operates at incredibly high temperatures and reaches organic materials deep down in the surface. Dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be removed with the use of only water and micro fibre cloths, effectively restricting further germ growth.

Why Steam Clean?

Take time for loved ones.

We Clean, You Rest!