Post Construction Cleaning​

Construction sites are often filled with debris and dust due to all the work that is being done. Cement and other building materials are streamed in on a daily basis to finish the project. People and equipment cause tremendous indoor traffic regularly, as work gets done. As such, it comes as no surprise that a construction site is littered and strewn with all kinds of rubble at the end of a project.

Our post construction cleaning services include:

• Wash walls to remove dust, dirt, scuffs, smudges
• Clean all trim, baseboards, windows ,window frames, and door frames
• Clean the sides and the tops of all doors
• Clean any paint, the mud stain
• Vacuum carpet, making sure to get into the corners and edges
• Clean floors (including buffing, waxing, sealing, if appropriate)
• Clean light fixtures and bulbs
• Clean inside all closets and cabinets, and on top of shelves
• Clean ceilings and ceiling fans
• Remove and dispose of all trash

Here are a few reasons to hire a post construction cleaning service:

Effortless cleaning

The most important and beneficial part of hiring a post construction cleaning service is that, they can clean your dirty house effectively and effortlessly. These service providers have labours or employees who are skilled in whatever they do, so certainly they will work faster and better than us, or the normal maidservants that we already have.

Usage of proper tools

In case of cleaning commercial buildings, many different tools and techniques are required which outsiders may not be familiar with. But a post construction cleaning service knows what exactly is needed to clean a commercial building.

No additional employees

Usually, people have a tendency to clean up their post constructed site by asking the workers to do it for them, and in return they pay them a certain token of the amount. The workers can definitely clean the place, but not like a pro. So, why waste money on them, when there are professionals who can efficiently clean the post constructed area?

Money Savings

In maximum cases, when you hire a normal cleaner or ask your servant to clean the post constructed area, he/she will charge you separately for every task he/she does. So, why would you pay separately to them for cleaning the floor and the walls, or to sweep and dispose of the waste? Instead, invest in professional post construction cleaning services, which has employees skilled in every sort of cleaning and most importantly, you’ll get all the services within a package.

Take time for loved ones.

We Clean, You Rest!