Hygiene Services​

Whether you run a commercial establishment, like a restaurant or guest house, an industrial factory park or an office block, maintaining optimum levels of hygiene is crucial. Your premises needs to facilitate the health of your employees, as healthy staff are hard working staff. If you’re relying on sub-par in-house hygiene services, you’re putting the wellbeing of your employees at risk. It’s your responsibility to ensure that optimum hygiene and sanitary working conditions are maintained.

Hygiene services and products are used in any business, office or commercial space in order to provide a clean and healthy environment. These services are particularly used in washrooms, kitchens, factories and hospital wards, where there is a high need for a clean and sterile environment and include the cleaning of and supplying of products and consumables to the premises.

Types of hygiene services

Hand washing, sanitizing and drying

More often than not our clients hire or buy soap or sanitizing dispensers and hand tissue dispensers from us and then purchase the consumables such as the soap or sanitizers and tissues on a month to month basis. The purchasing of air dryers is also a common alternative.

Toilet seat sanitizing

Give washroom visitors an extra level of reassurance when they use your toilets. Our dispensers enable users to clean the toilet seat before use. It’s the perfect way to combat the ‘sneeze effect’ – the tiny droplets of flush spray that land on seats and cause risk of cross-contamination.

Sanitary disposal

This is particularly important in ladies bathrooms, where feminine hygiene products can be hygienically and discreetly disposed of in the form of specialised dustbins and packets. Baby changing areas also need specialised hygiene services in order to remain clean and germ free. In any environment it is pertinent that sanitary ware is disposed of correctly and efficiently to avoid the spread of germs and harmful bacteria and this is where our company can assist.

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste is one of the most harmful and dangerous forms of waste and it is vitally important that waste such as syringes, soiled equipment, blood containers and cleaning material is quickly, effectively and professionally disposed of. Our company has a dedicated area of their business for this and provide the correct bins, equipment and consumables in order to prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Air care

Many washrooms will make use of air fresheners and odour neutralisers we provide these as well as the refills for these products on a monthly basis so that your premises can look as well as smell attractive.

Office sanitizing and disinfecting

In an expansive office space, with a large number of employees and several communal areas, professional cleaning services are mandatory in maintaining a hygienic work space. Regular office sanitizing and disinfecting is also imperative for reaching standardised health and safety guidelines and will help to significantly reduce the possible transfer of germs and bacteria.

Clean Sweep is specifically trained and experienced in providing hygiene service solutions, we have the correct resources and equipment to do so as well as the effective plans, schedules and methods to provide an effective cleaning service. With our experience we’ll make sure that we are able to provide the solution you are looking for.

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