Building Facade Cleaning

Our streak free solution for cleaning heights involves using a squeegee while on a suspended platform and to assist us to reach inaccessible areas of the exterior building windows we use a water fed pole. Our cleaning staffs are well- trained to undertake this exercise, and their safety as well as the safety of people around them is our top priority. We comply with the recommended safety regulations for working at heights.

It goes without saying that the facades of a building are exposed to the negative effects of various environmental and weather conditions like dirt, dust, grime, rain and pollution, just to mention a few. Not only do these factors decrease the quality and value of the building but also, shorten the life of the building. For that reason, regular cleaning and maintenance is much more than a mere obligation as it increases the longevity of the building material along with maintaining the value of the property. Above all, a clean, clear and shining facade improves the overall looks and appearance of the building and leaves a long lasting impression on the clients and visitors.  

Take time for loved ones.

We Clean, You Rest!